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Marina Abramovic, Traces (2021)
Marina Abramovic, Traces (2021)Photography Reto Guntli

Surround yourself by Marina Abramović’s most treasured objects

Traces, an upcoming exhibition, invites you to an immersive collection of revered and inspirational items curated by the performance artist

Marina Abramović has announced a new exhibition to be held in London this September. Traces will take place at the Old Truman Brewery on September 10-12, allowing free admission for visitors to immerse themselves in a multimedia sensory experience created by the legendary performance artist. 

The show represents the conclusion of Abramović’s year-long collaboration and guest curatorship with WePresent, in which she has previously highlighted important emerging performance artists as well as bringing techniques from her celebrated Abramović Method into the digital realm.

Alongside two of Abramović’s works “Crystal Cinema” (1991) and “10,000 stars” (2015), Traces has also been created around five significant objects, each selected by the artist for their importance in the development of her life and practice over the last 50 years. 

The exhibition is conceived as an “immersive time capsule”, created to not only underscore the personal historical importance of the collection carefully curated by Abramović, but as a way of conserving these precious relics – both physically and conceptually – for generations to come. In a statement released by WePresent, the artist revealed a few of the objects she believes must be preserved for the future, “From the astounding natural delight of the Rose of Jericho, to Susan Sontag’s crucial essay ‘Regarding the Pain of Others’.”

Culminating with an interview with Abramović herself, each installation will be devoted to one of these revered objects, creating a series of unique spaces in which visitors can immerse themselves in reflections on vast, essential concepts evoked by Abramović’s treasures, such as nature, human suffering, empathy, survival, and the wonders of the cosmos. 

For those unable to attend, Traces will also be available as a digital experience on the WePresent platform. Take a look at the gallery above to look at Abramović’s previous collaboration with WePresent.

Marina Abramović’s Traces at Old Truman Brewery, London will be open from September 10-12 with limited capacity, tickets will be available to book on Dice from August 18 here