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Beirut Re-Store, Jamie Hawkesworth
Jamie HawkesworthCourtesy Beirut Re-Store

Buy works by Harley Weir, Jamie Hawkesworth, and more in aid of Beirut

Online marketplace Beirut Re-Store is selling limited edition photographs, paintings, publications, and more, in order to raise money for those impacted by the Lebanon blast

On August 4, a huge explosion rocked the Lebanese capital of Beirut, killing 200 people and injuring over 6,500 more. Devastating the city, the blast was caused by 2,700 tonnes of ammonium nitrate, which had been stored unsafely in a warehouse for six years. 

In the wake of the blast, people in Beirut came together to help provide medical aid, trauma support, and places to sleep, as well as to clear rubble and attempt to salvage what was left of people’s possessions. Others around the world also offered their support, with LGBTQ+ activists raising money for impacted communities, and skateboarders selling items from Palace, Supreme, Vans, and adidas to help Lebanese families in need.

Now, a number of musicians, artists, designers, and more are selling limited edition works to raise money for immediate aid and longer term recovery in Beirut. Launching today (October 2), the Beirut Re-Store is an online marketplace featuring limited edition photographs, paintings, sculptures, clothing, jewellery, publications, and more.

The store comprises donations from Harley Weir, Jamie Hawkesworth, Grace Wales Bonner, Ashley Williams, JW Anderson, Brianna Capozzi and Maya Barrera, Craig Green, Faye Wei Wei, Conner Ives, Joyce NG, Lotte Andersen, Kiko Kostadinov, Sophie McElligott, and many more.

As well as items for sale, there are also experiences and lucky dips available, including $15 (£11) tickets for a chance to win unreleased music by Nicolás Jaar. All money raised from the Beirut Re-Store will go to non-governmental organisations vetted by the Beirut Emergency Fund 2020.

In collaboration with Creatives for Lebanon, the store will launch a special collection of bespoke items at the end of the month, created to honour the country. The collection will feature contributions by Dior, Alaïa, Jean Paul Gaultier, ASAI, Supriya Lele, and Heron Preston.

In a press release, Laura Tabet, one of the founders of the Beirut Re-Store, said: “We have been humbled by the amount of people who have come forward and answered the call to help Lebanon. In these dark times, it’s deeply heartening to witness the artistic community coming together to create a movement that is beyond politics and beyond borders.”

Tabet co-founded the project with her sister Sophie, as well as Ulysse Sabbagh, and in partnership with fellow Lebanese creators Flavie Audi and Emilie Kareh.

You can find the full list of contributors, and shop at the Beirut Re-Store here. It will run until early January.