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Towards Utopia
Benjamin Frederickson

The new initiative raising money for Black trans people and sex workers

Towards Utopia is selling prints contributed by Ryan McGinley, Nan Goldin, Richie Shazam, as well as recent graduates

Towards Utopia: Pro-Sex, Anti-Facist is a fundraiser aiding Black trans people and sex workers through the sale of edition prints by Nan Goldin, Ryan McGinley, Richie Shazam, and many more, including recent graduates.

Taking an “egalitarian approach to art appreciation and ownership through community oriented action”, Towards Utopia’s prices range from $50 to $200, and all proceeds will go to anti-racist, trans feminist causes. It is curated by KO Nnamdie of Restaurant Projects.

“We are making strides towards a utopian future in which resources are distributed ethically and equitably; where suffering and discrimination are non-existent, and radical love is the way,” reads its press release. “We are fighting fascism and discrimination by raising capital for boots-on-the-ground organisations that provide housing, food, and safety to Black Trans People and Sex Workers.”

Towards Utopia acknowledges that while the fight for Black America is making strides, it is still failing Black trans people and sex workers. Visibility might have increased but so too has violence and discriminatory behaviour against these communities, with the current life expectancy of a Black trans woman tragically sitting at just 35-years-old. Part of the funds raised through the sale will go directly to GLITS and FOR THE GWORLS, Black trans-led organisations that offer protection, such as housing and financial aid, to these communities.

Sex workers have also suffered, only to be amplified by the Coronavirus pandemic which has seen the community’s income halted, with no financial aid offered from the government. Towards Utopia will donate the final share of its proceeds to SWOP BK, which operates a mutual fund for sex workers who require assistance, as well as advocating for their rights.

Towards Utopia runs until the end of September – or until it runs out of prints. Click here to purchase a print