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Nicole Tersigni’s Men to Avoid in Art and Life
From Men to Avoid in Art and Life

This handy new book tells you which men to avoid in art and life

Comedian Nicole Tersigni’s hilarious new book pairs classic works of art with classic examples of mansplaining

Men love to talk. Many men just love to talk to (read: at) women about women’s bodies, women’s issues, about topics that said woman is more qualified on. This can take place in the corner of a party, on a train, at a bar, in your house – anywhere. Mansplaining is not limited to any one location or person. It might not be easy to identify one from afar, but once you’re in the company of a Mansplainer, there is little chance of any quick escape.

But it’s not just the Mainsplainer that women have to contend with (read: avoid at all costs), but the Concern Troll, the Sexpert, the Comedian, and the Patroniser. Luckily, all of these “usual suspects” take centre stage in Nicole Tersigni’s new book, which is aptly titled Men to Avoid in Art and Life, to help you, well, avoid these kinds of men in art and in life.

Described in its press release as a book “Dedicated to every woman throughout history who has endured being talked down to by a less qualified man”, Men to Avoid in Art and Life originally began life on Tersigni’s Twitter. It combines art with shit things men say, examples include – my personal favourite – “You’d be so much prettier if you smiled”, as well as “Careful with all that equality talk. You don’t want to grow up to be a feminist”.

Women from all across the world will be able to relate to many of these statements – insideous, niggling, unsolicited moments which can be left to simmer inside us for years to come. In an attempt to look on the bright side, Tersigni’s book takes the approach that if we don’t laugh, we’ll cry, and Men to Avoid in Art and Life seeks to bring women throughout history together through humour.

Men to Avoid in Art and Life is available to order from Chronicle Books now