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Paris Hilton Facebook
A still from Paris Hilton’s Facebook video, detailing the making of her "I Dream of Paris" artworkvia Facebook

Paris Hilton is an artist now

But then again, wasn’t she always?

Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Frida Kahlo... Paris Hilton? According to a recent Forbes article, the reality star is the latest celebrity to take a stab at joining the art history books, claiming to have been “painting her way through quarantine”.

One of the socialite’s works is currently on display in Los Angeles-based Corey Helford Gallery until Friday, as part of a group show called Sweet Sixteen. Titled “I Dream of Paris”, the painting, naturally, features Hilton,  surrounded by a plethora of sequinned cats and butterflies, crowned with a diamond tiara, wearing a leotard, and sporting a Juicy Couture bag and elbow-length gloves. 

“I Dream of Paris” will be auctioned off to benefit the Starlight Children’s Foundation, and Hilton will also host a dinner at her house for the highest bidder – which has surpassed $50,000, with the auction ending tomorrow.

“My ‘I Dream Of Paris’ piece represents the dreams and goals I had for myself when I was young,” Hilton revealed. “It is almost like a mood board of everything I aspired to have or be like when I grew up.” 

It isn’t the first time Hilton has spoken about her love her art. In April, she shared some of her masterpieces – including those in progress – on her YouTube. Her subject matter included her boyfriend’s mother’s cat, a rainbow, and emojis.

Speaking to Forbes, she said: “I have loved art my whole life. I have been an artist since I was a little girl.” She also claims to have built an art room in every home she’s owned. “It’s so important for me to have that space in my house to be creative,” she added.

In terms of her favourite artists, she lists Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, Kaws, Takashi Murukami, Ai Weiwei, Olivia Steele, Kaws and Salvador Dalí”, and reveals the album to get her creative juices flowing is Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream album.

Read the full interview with Forbes here or watch Hilton working on “I Dream of Paris” below