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Animal Crossing art generator
Via the Getty Museum

Here’s how to make the Getty Museum’s classic artworks in Animal Crossing

Paint your very own Monet

Along with Tiger King and buzzcuts, Animal Crossing will be inextricably intertwined with coronavirus quarantine forever. The video game has become the source of creativity for a number of people, who are using it to recreate iconic artworks and protest for democracy. Now, Los Angeles’ Getty Museum is getting in on the action.

The institution has created an art generator to help users decorate their homes with some of the world’s most famous artworks. Getty’s tool enables players to create custom patterns featuring works from iconic art collections, using them to make shirts or paintings, cover walls and floors, or to display on mannequins.

The site offers step-by-step instructions, which show users how to choose and crop their artwork before importing it into Animal Crossing via a QR code – before you know it, you’ve got your very own Mona Lisa.

Earlier this month, the Getty Museum challenged people to recreate famous artworks at home. Twitter users quickly began sharing their own variations, including a modern update of the HMV dog, an accurate depiction of “The Astronomer” by Johannes Vermeer, and a reworking of a 16th century Nahuan illustration.

See Getty’s Animal Crossing art generator instructions here.