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Via Instagram (@banksy)

Rats wreak havoc in Banksy’s lockdown artwork

The graffiti artist has a pest problem

As lockdown continues, even street artists are forced to stay indoors, with even Banksy resorting to creating art in his own home.

The Bristol-based artist has revealed his latest artwork on Instagram – a series of rats causing mayhem in a bathroom, with the caption: “My wife hates it when I work from home.”

Shared across a series of five images, the artwork – done in the artist’s signature black and white stencil style – shows the rats knocking the bathroom mirror to one side, swinging on a towel ring, stomping on a tube of toothpaste, and taking a piss in the toilet.

Another rodent is seen skipping on a roll of toilet paper, which has rolled down across the floor to the foot of a faux hole in the wall, while one is reflected in the mirror, presumably tallying the days of lockdown in red lipstick.

Back in February, the anonymous graffiti artist unveiled a Valentine’s Day mural in Bristol of a young girl firing a slingshot that explodes into a playful arrangement of red flowers – only to have it vandalised a few days later. Banksy wasn’t too bothered though, stating that he was “kind of glad” because “the initial sketch was a lot better anyway”.