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Andy Warhol via Wikimedia Commons
Andy Warhol via Wikimedia Commons

You can now see Andy Warhol’s Tate show from the comfort of your couch

Curators Gregor Muir and Fiontán Moran discuss Warhol through the lens of the immigrant story, his LGBTQ+ identity, and his concerns with death and religion

The Tate Modern has released a curator’s tour of its latest Andy Warhol exhibition, available to view digitally on its website. 

Andy Warhol presents the artist through the lens of the immigrant story, his LGBTQ+ identity, and his concerns over death and religion.

Featuring curators Gregor Muir and Fiontán Moran, the video tour was launched in response to the gallery’s closure due to the coronavirus pandemic. “Although our galleries are temporarily closed we wanted to share the Andy Warhol exhibition at Tate Modern with you,” reads the video caption.

Showcasing over a hundred works from the pop artist, the show presents the audience with a variety of Warhol’s masterpieces, ranging from immersive sound-filled rooms to prints and drawings. Among others, the exhibition includes dozens of previously unseen erotic drawings by the artist, works that document the creation of the Silver Factory, and a room dedicated to the years following his attempted murder at the hands of Valerie Solanas.

“Andy Warhol is mostly known as a pop artist,” says assistant curator Moran in the video. “But in this exhibition, we really wanted to return to the man and think about all of the desires, the fears that might have driven him to create art.”

Watch the curator’s tour below.

Tate Modern is temporarily closed until further notice