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Willy Vanderperre hurt burn ruin and more 2020
hurt, burn, ruin and more, 2020hurt, burn, ruin and more, 2020 Photography by Willy Vanderperre

A new Willy Vanderperre exhibition is now open in London

Entitled hurt, burn, ruin and more, the show explores beauty and mortality

Creating some of fashion’s most iconic images throughout his three-decade spannning career, photographer Willy Vanderperre is a pioneer in his feild. From his 1999 black and white portrait of Robbie Snelders with Mickey Mouse face paint, to our Frank Ocean cover from 2019, Vanderperre's unique approach has shaped contemporary fashion visuals and paved the way for those who have followed in his footsteps. 

Now Vanderperre is the focus of a new exhibition, entield hurt, burn, ruin and more. Taking place at Store X, 180 The Strand (home to Dazed HQ), this will be the second time the artist has taken over the space, with the photographer hosting his first solo European exhibition there in 2018. 

While his previous show, prints, film, posters and more focused on his work in fashion, this time around we will see the creative presenting a new series of works, which deal with questions of mortality and beauty. 

The show will be made up of works such as “Untitled #15”, which takes an up-close view of a decayed rose. Elsewhere, a picture of a bouquet wrapped in plastic will sit alongside an image of a bunch of thistles, tulips, anthuriums, and birds of paradise covered in smashed glass. Finding new landscapes in the warped presentation of these traditionally perceived beautiful objects, the show calls into question our understanding of idealised beauty, and, by way, rejects the vanity of conventional fashion photography.

hurt, burn, ruin and more is now closed.