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Dali artwork
courtesy of Couleur

10 Salvador Dalí artworks have been stolen from a Stockholm gallery

Thieves smashed the gallery doors overnight and took off before the police could arrive

On Thursday morning (January 30), two thieves broke into a Stockholm gallery and made off with around 10 Salvador Dalí artworks, including bronze sculptures and etchings. Each artwork was worth between £20,000 and £50,000, says the gallery, Couleur.

According to the Guardian, the thieves broke in by smashing the gallery’s glass doors in the early hours. Although the alarm was triggered straight away, police didn’t manage to arrive on scene before they made a getaway in a car.

“The police say it seemed well-planned,” Peder Engström, the gallery’s owner, tells The Telegraph. “They were pretty good at what they were doing.”

Among the artworks – which were featured in an exhibition launched January 18 and due to finish this Sunday – were two of the famous surrealist’s melting clocks.

The scene has been cordoned off and an investigation is underway.