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Katharina Fritsch - Fliege
Courtesy of T. B. Walker Acquisition Fund, 2001

A toddler has knocked over a €50,000 insect sculpture at Art Basel

The three-year-old sent Katharina Fritsch’s Fliege artwork flying

In quite possibly every parent’s worst nightmare ever, a toddler knocked over a €50,000 piece of artwork at Art Basel in Switzerland last week. The three-year-old was presumeably admiring the finer nuances of Katharina Fritsch’s Fliege (Fly) sculpture before deciding that it would look better on the floor. 

According to NAU, the plastic sculpture was being shown at US gallery Matthew Marks before flying onto the floor and losing its wings. Luckily (for the mum), the faux insect was not damaged. Phew.

This year’s iteration of the Swiss art fair hosted a wealth of international artists, including Sigmar Polke and Mark Bradford, who both made over $10 million in sales respectively, while Gerhard Ritcher made double that with one painting alone. Attracting celebrities, art connoisseurs, and three year old girls alike, perhaps it was the timely appearance of Rihanna that had spurred the miscreant to steal some limelight.