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Human Stories: Another England
Art Direction by Theo White

This poignant photo exhibition uncovers Britain’s multicultural history

A new exhibition in London combines archive images from Magnum and Getty with contemporary artists such as Theo White and Sarah Maple

As we spiral deeper into uncertainty, more artists are using art to dissect national identity in terms of race and gender. Human Stories: Another England – a new exhibition being hosted at NOW Gallery – is taking England as its jump-off point but looking in places which have previously been overlooked in order to give a compelling voice to the country’s underrepresented black and Asian heritage.

Human Stories approaches the rich history of black and Asian identities in England by paying homage to key historical moments, such as the Windrush Generation and the Notting Hill riots. In this way, the photographs stretch along time, reflecting our multicultural society in all its glory – linking past to present. Refreshingly historical images from the archives of Getty Images, Magnum Photos and Autograph, are juxtaposed with newly commissioned works from contemporary artists, such as Sarah Maple and Theo White. While the older images give insight into the origins of our country’s multiculturalism by exploring the themes of work, religion and love, the newly commissioned works show how these have each developed over time. With the contemporary photographs addressing the very idea of multiculturalism itself.

Co-creator, Kaia Charles, explains that the exhibition aims to provoke “open and honest dialogue about the portrayal of Black and Asian heritage in this country over the last century.”

Human Stories: Another England runs until 11th November. You can find out more here