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BTS at Red Hook Labs in Brooklyn
BTS at Red Hook Labs in BrooklynPhotography Mikayla Greene

Dazed has partnered with Red Hook Labs to offer free photography classes

Watch this space

For more than 25 years, Dazed has been blessed to work alongside some of the world’s burgeoning talents and watch their journey as they blossom into full-blown forces to be reckoned with.

As the pressure mounts on young creatives to find their way across a minefield of work, invoices, and ideas, their support systems are increasingly sacrificed. It could be that they’re being forced to pay unrealistic tuition fees, or that their youth clubs are being closed due to a lack of funding. Basically, it always comes down to money.

In an attempt to combat this, we’ve teamed up with Red Hook Labs – a public benefit corporation based in Brooklyn – to teach a free, weekly photography class. The classes take place in a youth club in West London and will run for ten weeks, before beginning again next year. We know that this collaboration will ensure we invest in the next generation of image-makers by giving them the tools and time they need to create – the talent is already there.

The classes are led by photographer Eddie Otchere and me, Dazed’s arts and culture editor. Basically, this is just a heads up to say keep an eye out, because we’re sure to be sharing a lot of the work from these sessions soon.

Please note, these classes are currently only open to members of the youth club. If you are a camera or film supplier and want to help, please email