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courtesy of Tom Sachs

Tom Sachs’s new film is narrated by Werner Herzog

Paradox Bullets will also show the artist’s Nike collab, the Mars Yard Overshoe

New York artist Tom Sachs is a vanguard of DIY art and filmmaking. He’s previously demonstrated his love for making things from scratch in projects such as a film about a space program, created independently from the ground up and filmed on a $500 camera, and the creation of replica Swiss passports at a London gallery. And his newest project is no different; the Mars Yard Overshoe, a collaboration with Nike, has been 11 years in the making.

Paradox Bullets, which premieres in London today, is the film made to accompany the Mars Yard Overshoe. Written and directed by long-time Sachs collaborator Van Neistat and starring 80 year old US artist Ed Ruscha, it will follow the story of a man who loses his keys in the Mojave Desert while making an important  delivery.

Playing off Sachs’s earlier film, Ten Bullets, a precise handbook of rules for working in the studio, Paradox Bullets will explore how rules can be contradictory, or can be inverted for a similarly effective outcome.

“Ten Bullets, that’s kind of the like the 10 Commandments, these rules that we live by—but you can’t really live by them, it’s more of a compass to point you in the right direction,” Sachs tells Vogue. “Paradox Bullets is in a way a softer approach where it embraces the contradiction.”

Lending his iconic voice for the narration of Sachs’s new film is filmmaker Werner Herzog. Herzog’s voice is arguably one of the best features of many of his own documentary features, so it’s safe to expect that it’ll go down well over the footage of Ruscha (and, presumably, the Nike shoes).

“I think Ed and Werner are like my dads, like my art dads,” Sachs says. “My writing style, the movies that Van and I write together, are always kind of in Werner’s voice. I’m always thinking like, ‘How would it sound coming out of his voice?’ When we wrote the movie we brought it to him and asked him as his disciples if he would do it.”

Paradox Bullets premieres in London today (October 7).