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Rare artwork by Kurt Cobain has been destroyed in a fire

An exhibition dedicated to the Nirvana frontman’s work has been devastated by the blaze

A museum in Aberdeen, Washington, which was displaying rare artwork and possessions of Kurt Cobain, has been severely damaged in a fire. 

The exhibition at the Aberdeen Museum of History in the Nirvana frontman’s hometown featured posters, art, band t-shirts, and a couch he once slept on at a friend’s house in the eighties. No one has reportedly been hurt in the blaze, which took 77 firefighters over 10 hours to put it out. The building itself dates back to 1922. An investigation by local police is ongoing, but it’s thought to be due to electrical problems.

“This is terrible. Hope people are safe,” tweeted Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic. 

Though Cobain once referred to his hometown as Twin Peaks “without the excitement”, the city has celebrated an official Kurt Cobain day since 2014, with a ‘Come As You Are’ plaque at the city’s welcoming sign.

Cobain’s daughter Frances Bean recently lost the guitar he used in his MTV Unplugged segment in a divorce settlement with Isaiah Silva. Frances Bean announced last week that she was launching a show of art and personal items of her late father’s, titled Growing Up Kurt CobainThe exhibit will be on display at the Museum of Style Icons in Newbridge, Ireland, and will include childhood drawings, handwritten lyrics, and a car, among other rarities.