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George Nebieridze ‘16
Untitled (Angele Lukas Sunset Flash), 2016Photography George Nebieridze

Emotional, sweaty and sexual photos of Berlin’s youth

Photographer George Nebieridze returns with a new book that he describes as ‘moments of heightened emotion and loss of control’

George Nebieridze’s striking new work, ‘16, captures the sweaty, writhing bodies of Berlin’s youth in, what the photographer calls, “moments of heightened emotion and loss of control”. The work is an invitation into an intimate space and an authentic representation of a year in his life: an autobiography told solely through his portraits of others, and a couple of himself.

The year itself has been tumultuous. Between the birth of his first child and his return to his hometown of Tbilisi, Georgia (his first in four years), Nebieridze has captured the vital energy of these transitional moments that are both raw and deeply personal.

However, the impact of Berlin, the city Nebieridze now calls home, cannot be understated. In his words, “It has rendered me a completely different person... Hardly anything I've achieved would be possible without Berlin's mass of inspiring people, those whom I've met and fallen in love with. I owe the city so much.”

But the relationship between Nebieridze and Berlin, a city of unbridled youth and sexual liberation, is more of an exchange than he lets on. The presentation of his honest new work is a heartfelt gesture in which the photographer gives back all that he takes: he frames the chaos of the cityscape as much as it frames him.

Nebieridze needs your help to see ‘16 come to life. Donate towards its production, or pre-order a copy, here. You can also follow him here