How life goes on after losing the one you love most

Reeling from the loss of his childhood sweetheart to cancer, we follow rapper Lil Vac on a new and tentative life in the final episode of True Love

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In the final episode of the series, we meet Lil Vac, a well-known rapper in the Nashville, Tennessee area. Lil Vac and his girlfriend Tiara were inseparable since they were 13-years-old, but we are left to watch as he navigates life without his love, who lost her battle to cancer before filming started.

Elise Tyler, producer and co-creator of the True Love series with MAINLINE, explains what Tiara meant to the local area. “She was a shining star in her community in Nashville, and there was a big public outcry when she died. It was awful – a beautiful, smart woman who died far too soon.”

Vac still lives locally, making his way as a rapper in the Bezzeled Gang and doing the circuits in Nashville. According to Tyler, he is used to keeping public face, despite the pain and trauma he has suffered. “When I approached him about this project, he told me that so few people ask him about Tiara ­– probably out of fear that they will say the wrong thing or upset him,” Tyler says. “He was excited to get to talk about her and their relationship, though I know it was hard to relive. There is a stigma around death and grief in our culture.

“Having experienced loss at a young age, I never understood why we are so damn afraid of death. It is a very natural part of life, and it is important to talk about the experience of grief. Everyone will be impacted by it at some point in his or her life, and Lord knows, none of us will make it out of here alive! I think Vac was very brave to be so vulnerable and honest about his own experience.”

‘Lil Vac & Tiara’ explores the struggles and questions Vac faces, but with a burgeoning music career and a family behind him, things are hopeful. ”We all leaving this motherfucker, that's the only thing promised,” he laughs. 

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