Field - Kim Laughton

Rad Shanghai artist Kim Laughton's 3D-rendered video currently in orbit is premiering here. Pay close attention!

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Shanghai-based internet artist Kim Laughton has the world at his feet. Having made work for music names like Hyperdub, Night Slugs and Lit City, and a slew of his own, hyperreal CGI video, he created Field as part of Forever Now: a cultural record of our time sent into space as a sequel to the Voyager craft, launched into space in 1977. With art works from over 118 countries beamed up into the sky on a laser (the technical details make our brain hurt), Kim was interested in participating because "a 3D model is in itself a tiny - and hugely simple - world that can be examined in multiple ways, and has its own crude laws of physics, although they are biased towards human senses.” The record was launched into space last week, January 18th.

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