Anthem of My Youth

Renowned visual artist and director Anita Fontaine creates a new piece of visual art inspired by her youth anthem

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Anita Fontaine presents a new piece of visual art exclusively for Dazed's Exhibit A. Fontaine, who has previously worked with Louis Vuitton, Tate ModernVersace and Google Chrome, felt inspired by the music of Aphex Twin. "Flim was an anthem in our tropical goth scene as a kid in Australia. It was the song that fixed every terrible rave comedown as soon as you heard it and made everything feel innocent again. I love how it has the sweetness of a nursery rhyme, but it’s actually quite sinister. I wanted to create a little fairytale where the innocence was being shattered by funny monsters and cartoon villains. When I think about some of the things that scared me as a child they seem quite silly and make me laugh."

"We made the film in 72 hours and just wanted to have some lo-fi fun. At first we just had the idea to film my friend's daughter running around a beautiful rose garden. Then we started imagining the kinds of things you see in your imagination when you are scared, and how they are amplified so much as a child. The glitch effects are algorithms that my friend Kaspar helped to create. We fed the footage through this magic computer thing and got some really psychedelic visuals out of it, which was then composited with found B-grade horror footage, and some totally weird animated gifs that I made at 3 AM."

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