Sarah Nicole Prickett

Sarah Nicole Prickett is a 24-year-old writer and style worker who lives in Toronto. Also: in little coffee shops, stupid heels, daydreams. Lately she contributes to FASHION Magazine, Eye Weekly, the National Post, and the various doings of her friends. She dropped out of school. Twice. She really likes: stripes, the first Strokes record, old watches, new lilacs (the smell!), Winona Ryder (especially in Heathers), expensive red lipstick, disposable cameras, and peanutbutter. Her third tattoo is




Playing at Dazed's festival next week, the Canadian four-piece will be bringing their dark, ethereal electronic pop to London


The Fantom Sea Series

Dazed looks at the relationship between Miami Art Basel and the ocean, as Fantom editor Cay Sophie Rabinowitz launches her aqua-based photography exhibition with work by Fabien Baron, John Waters and Roe Ethridge

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