Patrik Sandberg

Patrik Sandberg is a writer, artist, and filmmaker living and working in New York City. He is a founding member of the multimedia art initiative DIS Magazine. In his work, Patrik seeks to merge virtual and physical publications and discover future channels for communicating elements of emerging pop culture on a global scale. He is a self-pronounced non-practicing goth.

Young Thug longread_1_2

Inside the eccentric world of Young Thug

Music Longread

With his reckless swagger, rows of gold teeth and explosive sense of style, Young Thug has gone from cult hero to headline concern, in a rags-to-riches story that’s both familiar and completely surreal


Gregg Araki grows up

Arts+Culture Longread

From queer cinema classics to murder mysteries – the indie director talks coming of age, the apocalypse and why he'll never make the same movie twice


November 2012 Issue: SSION

Music Incoming

Cody Critcheloe, the man behind SSION's audiovisual fusion of art, pop and high camp, tells us how he went from making unlistenable punk to becoming a zeitgeist-riding, real-life pop star

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