Artificial Intelligence

The Strokes Roger Woolman
MusicThis song was algorithmically written in the style of The Strokes
AI and increasing access for disabled artists
Art & PhotographyHow AI could increase art world accessibility for disabled artists
Her film
Science & TechFive years on, how much closer are we to the reality in Her?
Age of AI - voices
Science & TechWhy giving human voices to AI assistants is an ethical nightmare
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Science & TechWelcome to the age of AI
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Science & TechThe director of American History X is casting a robot lead in his new film
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Science & TechArtificial Intelligence is writing poetry, but is it any good?
Chelsea Manning
PoliticsChelsea Manning is making her first UK public appearance
FashionIs smart tech hurtling us towards a dystopian fashion future?
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Science & TechElon Musk promises he won’t develop robot killing machines
Science & TechOne of the world’s most famous sex robots can now revoke her consent
MusicSpeaking to Yona, the AI singer-songwriter making haunting love songs
Science & TechHow scientists are fighting ‘Deepfake’ celebrity porn videos with AI
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FashionThe IG account exploring hyperreality, mundanity, and human evolution
Norman AI
Science & TechMeet Norman: the ‘psychopath’ AI trained on violent Reddit content
Life & CultureThe new AI-powered astrology app that matches you using the stars
pris blade runner
Science & TechRobots will outnumber humans and be emotionally intelligent by 2048
International Man Of Mystery Fembot GIF-source
Science & TechExperts are worried that South Korea are developing AI killer bots
Film & TVHow Stanley Kubrick's HAL 9000 laid the blueprint for AI in film
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Science & TechSpeaking to the stans (and haters) who obsessively follow Sophia the robot
AI future porn searches
Science & TechAI has predicted a future of gross, unsettling, hilarious porn searches
ex machina
Science & TechA new report details how AI could destroy all of humanity (17)
Science & TechWhat’s the story behind the GIF of a nightmarish robot dog opening a door?