GAIKA appointed Dazed’s political editor-at-largetseoathbk
Chelsea Manning
Chelsea ManningHarvard revokes Chelsea Manning’s visiting fellowship
martin shkreli
Hillary ClintonMartin Shkreli is going to jail over Hillary Clinton’s hair
Ted Cruz
porn‘Anti-masturbation’ politician caught liking porn on Twitter
Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 15.00.47
OpinionPotential Tory leader opposes gay marriage & abortion rights
Politics News
fight genocide
CanadaCanada has quietly been giving asylum to gay Chechens
Ivanka Trump
Donald TrumpIvanka Trump supports dad’s plan to ditch equal pay rules
Activate chat
ConservativesTory campaigners joke about ‘gassing chavs’ in group chat
Q+AWe met the artist who used dogshit to stop a rightwing rally
Birth control
Art and CultureTrump makes moves to restrict birth control coverage
Screen shot 2017-08-15 at 22.16.26
Art and CultureDonald Trump holds extraordinary, unhinged press conference
Art and CultureLGBT activists in Russia face off with police at Pride
James Fields
Art and CultureEverything we know about the Charlottesville tragedy
Chicken Don
Donald TrumpGiant inflatable Trump chicken pops up outside White House
IndiaIndian women fight victim-blaming with #AintNoCinderella
The Joiners ArmsLuxury redevelopment of Joiners Arms must include LGBT venue
chechnyaGay activist in Russia faces deportation, prison and torture
Pussy Riot - Free Sentsov protest
Pussy RiotTwo members of Pussy Riot detained after protest in Siberia
Art and CultureAre online ‘young Trump fans’ catfishing identity thieves?
Lara Trump
OpinionIs Trump launching his own news show?
Nigeria LGBT
LGBTMass arrests of gay men are happening in Nigeria
chechnyaThese testimonies from gay, imprisoned Chechens are horrific
chelsea manning
Donald TrumpTrump bans transgender people from serving in the military