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ReportageUS teens explain why they’re walking out of school to protest gun violence
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Jeremy CorbynJeremy Corbyn wants all schools to teach LGBT-inclusive sex education
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gunsThese teen shooting survivors make politicians and the NRA look pathetic
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OpinionTrump’s answer to gun violence is more guns
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Donald TrumpTeen gun control activists stage die-in outside of the White House
sexual-assault An MP wants upskirting to be a criminal offence
lauren conrad
Young AdultsYoung people officially have a lower quality of life than their parents
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theresa mayTheresa May says tuition fees (which she raised) are too high
gunsA school shooting survivor just burned Donald Trump in a brilliant speech
gunsTeens from Florida’s school shooting are calling for gun control on Twitter
Grenfell TowerJustice4Grenfell just drove Three Billboards-inspired ads round London
New YorkIntimate photos of a queer New York kiss-in
Gucci ads
advertisingStockholm wants to ban racist and sexist ads
PolitcsDonald Trump is chatting total shit about the NHS
RihannaRihanna helped raise over $2 billion for global education
theresa mayRihanna puts pressure on Theresa May to donate £380 million to charity
scienceA new study says right-wing people are hotter than liberals
Donald TrumpPeople are donating to shark charities to upset Donald Trump
drugsThe French government is actually considering decriminalising all drugs
Chechen President
chechnyaChechnya’s leader targeted human rights NGO when his Instagram was deleted
chechnyaChechnya’s president says all reports of his human rights abuse are ‘myths’
Wiz Khalifa -- Khalifa
CaliforniaPeople in California can now erase their previous weed convictions
Chelsea Manning
Chelsea ManningYouTube has listed Chelsea Manning’s campaign video as inappropriate
H&M South Africa
FeatureA look at the rebel political group who trashed H&M’s South Africa stores