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Greta Thunberg
environmentalismEnvironmental teen activist Greta Thunberg nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
Texting, sexting, nude, phone
sextingTeen sexting is a crime in Washington, but lawmakers could change it
Chelsea Manning
Chelsea ManningChelsea Manning has been jailed for refusing to testify against Wikileaks
Sisters Uncut
womens rightsSisters Uncut replaces London tube ads with women’s harrowing stories
Trump art
Donald TrumpDonald Trump ‘spent $60k in charity money on a portrait of himself’
UK Climate Strike
climate changeYoung people across the UK skipped school to protest for climate action
Justice 4 Grenfell at London Fashion Week
protestGrenfell activists take over London Fashion Week catwalks to demand justice
LGBTCouples in Japan file Valentine’s Day lawsuits in marriage equality fight
FeatureWhy Warwick students are protesting university rape culture and racism
Phone social media
Knife crimeThe government think social media bans will stop knife crime
Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 12.23.39
climate changeTeenage climate activist tells global elite: ‘Our house is on fire’
gay conversion therapy
gayA prominent gay conversion therapist has come out as gay
Porn fees
AmericaAn American politician wants porn fees to pay for Trump’s wall
Chechnya gay purge
RussiaRussia’s LGBT activists say there’s a ‘new wave’ of torture in Chechnya
Shout Your Abortion – Trump Tower
abortion‘Fuck your wall’ and ‘abortion is freedom’ signs projected onto Trump tower
Youth climate change protests, Belgium
climate changeOver 10,000 students skip school in Belgium to protest climate change
Pro-choice protest abortion sign
abortionThe Isle of Man has totally decriminalised abortion in a historic move
American Apparell
NewsUpskirting is officially a crime in the UK
chechnyaAnti-LGBT persecution is happening again in Chechnya
Donald TrumpThe best Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dancing memes – ranked
Campaigning for abortion rights in Northern Ireland
abortionPeople travelling to N. Ireland for Christmas are tweeting for choice
Donald TrumpStatue of Liberty climber found guilty for anti-Trump protest
LGSMigrants 4
LGBTAds on the Tube today show you how to stop deportation of migrants
Abortion Rights Campaign at March for Choice, 2018
abortionIreland’s bill to legalise abortion has finally passed all stages