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Black Lives Matter has launched an art and merch platform

It includes an antidote to the MAGA cap

Black Lives Matter is arguably one of the biggest social movements in recent American history, so it makes sense that the hunger to change the narrative would bleed into the art world. Because art is nothing if it doesn’t reflect the times – or amplify much-needed voices.

Now, the group will be launching a new platform spotlighting the work of a mix of on-the-rise and established creatives in order to showcase black arts in the US. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the leader of the organisation, Patrisse Cullors, said that 100 per cent of the proceeds would go towards supporting the movement.

“Black Lives Matter Arts+Culture uplifts artists who are staging cultural interventions and changing the world through their work,” she said. “I curated this group of artists because their work is critical to transforming the way we relate to the world and to ourselves.”

The first featured artist is Emory Douglas whose prints are now available from the Black Lives Matter site. He was the Black Panther Party’s Minister of Culture from 1967 to the early 80s.

They’ll also be launching merch. Items like mugs, caps – a much-needed antidote to the MAGA hat – and other apparel are already available on the online store

As well as being an e-commerce destination, the activist organisation say there’ll be plenty of opportunities to cop the items including pop-up stores and capsule collections featuring iconic African-American designers, recording artists and contemporary visual artists.