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Magdalena Wosinska – The Experience vol 1
“Hot Spring”, IcelandPhotography by Magdalena Wosinska

Going global in the nude

From standing starkers in an empty plane cabin to hanging off a balcony in just her knickers – this photographer presents the ultimate ode to the selfie

In the ultimate ode to the selfie, photographer Magdalena Wosinska reveals her latest work, and third book, The Experience vol. 1 – all without a wretched selfie stick in sight. While she’s previously shot famous faces such as Amanda Seyfried and campaigns for Lee Jeans and Mr. Porter, her latest project has taken her zig-zagging across the world – naked, of course. Birthed four years ago from an interest in combining her career with one of her greatest loves, travel, Wosinska began to shoot the book as a side project, “I wanted to express what I’m doing and where,” she explains. Ranging from standing starkers in an empty plane cabin to hanging off a hotel balcony, “It’s all about the landscape of the surrounding areas and cemetery. The experience is the act of getting there and what happens around that location during and after. It changes all the time.” So, why in the nude? “It's timeless. It really captures the beauty in nature rather than classifying an era. If I wore a flannel I'd be grunge, if I wore a leather jacket I'd be metal. So in bare skin you can't tell what year it is or social class or era you come from.”

The Experience vol. 1 is available now from LA gallery Dilettante