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Liza Mandelup


Self-published photographer and wanderer, Liza Mandelup talks finding her beach in “Give Yourself To The Sea”

After an initial foray into film in Prague, Liza Mandelup's movement into photography has meant experiencing art more immediately. The 25-year-old Brooklynite is currently studying for an MFA at the School of Visual Arts and is about to release her first self-published book, Give Yourself To The Sea. A serial wanderer, Mandelup used to travel around with her 35mm camera with no plans or expectations. Intuition is key to her style: "All I need is an idea of where I'm going and who I'm shooting and I let the experience take me from there." 

In Liza's own words:

When I watch a film or look through a really good photo book it serves as an escape for me, it takes my mind to a place I haven’t physically been to but I can feel something real from it. I’m trying to give that back as much as possible in my work. Give Yourself to the Sea came from the idea of wanting to create something out of my fantasies about the beach. I shot it on an island called Menorca off the coast of Spain. The experience of making the book was my real-life fantasy, traveling to this island I had never been to before in search of the most amazing beaches. My muses in this book are close friends of mine who traveled with me. Whether it’s an actual physical beach or a paradise we create in our mind everyone needs to find their “beach”, a place where everything feels right and you feel like you're floating. This book is about my search for that place. 

Give Yourself To The Sea is now available in New York at Dashwood Books and can also be ordered online.