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Sodom and Gomorrah

Berlin photographer Matt Lambert's documentation of a gay militant underground going "against nature"

Known for his visceral and often disturbing photographic and film work, Berlin's Matt Lambert presents a new series of images entitled, 'Vitium Contra Naturam' (Vice Against Nature). Taking its name from the Latin phrase used by the Catholic Church, the shoot consists of a collection of documentations of a fictitious gay militant underground culture. With the aim of facing what is defined as the 'unnatural' through voyeuristic observations, the series of images sees dark and affecting scenes.

Dazed Digital: Where did the idea behind the name 'Vitium contra naturam' first come from? Do you feel this is a display of the 'unnatural' then?
Jannis Birsner: Vitium Contra Naturam, or 'vice against nature', was the Latin expression used by the Catholic Church for the crime of unnatural sexual behaviour. So VNC is a voyeuristic angle - during and after shit goes “against nature.”

DD: Who are the boys of VCN?
Matt Lambert: It started out with a group of friends one night last summer in Berlin. Jackee Word and Ash Esferani were also collaborators for most of this first series.

DD: What results were you hoping to achieve with this shoot?
Jannis Birsner: To scare people, to arouse them.
Matt Lambert: Sorta what the Catholic Church does to some extent.

DD: What's next?
Matt Lambert: Collaborations and more self-contradicting propaganda.

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