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Chilly Gonzales' Ivory Tower Film

The producer teams up with fellow-Canadian Turbo boss Tiga and electro popstress Peaches to make an unforgettable feature film.

An 'existential sports comedy', Ivory Tower is the dramatic tale of two brothers and their all-consuming rivalry over both the chessboard and a lady (none other than Peaches). Hershell Graves (played by Chilly Gonzales) is the nomadic chess 'purist' who decides to pursue his Jazz Chess ideology - chess for chess’ sake, reduced to pure movement, whilst his brother Thadeus (Turbo Recordings founder Tiga) is now a fierce competitor, earning him a chess celebrity status back in their hometown and the lauded face of energy drinks. Upon Hershell's return after his years of travelling, he finds his former love Marsha is now engaged to his brother, the Canadian Chess Champion and he is torn between ruthless chess-playing and his new found theory of the essence of chess, the 'chessence'.

Sound-tracked by Gonzales' epic album of the same name, produced by Boys Noize, Ivory Tower is Adam Traynor's feature film directorial debut, co-written by the award winning Celine Sciamma (Water Lilies). Featuring one-liners from the Canadian producers such as "You're not a table, you're a ghost." and "It was not always so rad... being Thad... around dad", the film is the obvious amalgamation of Tiga's signature humour and Gonzales' wit.

"Last croissant, shitbread."

Dazed Digital: Are you actually any good at chess? Or maybe you're a secret Scrabble/Monopoly/Jenga champion?

Tiga: I am ok. A very cautious player, quite strong on reactive tactical play, but shockingly devoid of long-term creative strategies. Usually I do better as black which shows a defensive mindset. You actually learn quite a lot about yourself when you play. I am HORRIBLE at Scrabble, and can barely spell. I am fantastic at Monopoly, I have an innate mastery of money management. I always played as the banker. As far as Jenga, I have never and will never lose.

DD: Have you ever had such unhealthy rivalries between you and your bro Thomas?
Tiga: We have a seven year age difference, so I think we were spared most of the serious sibling rivalry. I remember when I was about 14 and he was seven and he started getting way better at video games - that was a bitter pill to swallow. We actually get along very well. We have our patterns, and our problems, but I think at heart we are very kind to each other. I only want the best for him.

DD: What did you think of Gonzales acting skills? What was the filming process with him like?
Tiga: It was so much fun! I loved it. It was very relaxing in a strange way, such a relief from my real career. Unlike with music and DJing, the film was really a team, and it takes on a real team atmosphere, which is very different from what I'm used to. I think for both of us, the main appeal to doing the film was to experience the absolute joy of being a novice: no expectations, no pressures, barely any knowledge of the 'rules'.

I really enjoy writing, and I got to write my lines (with my friend William Carney)... and so it was really just a few weeks of testing jokes. I am quite a lot like Thad, so I just got to let loose and be a real prick for a few weeks. What more can you ask for? I had such high standards for Gonzales, that I was not so surprised: I expect him to be able to do pretty much anything. What really impressed me was his quiet leadership skills, and his ability to motivate and inspire everybody. There were many times when had I been in his shoes I would have exploded on people... he stayed cool and really made it all happen smoothly. Peaches blew me away, she is a genius and a rare talent, and awesome to behold at close range.

DD: Are you hoping to ditch the 'arduous' DJ lifestyle pursue an acting career after this?
Tiga: Is this arduous? I'm in a Swiss palace/spa in bed waiting for my Corsican seabass, then going to bathe and nap and... well, yeah then I DJ all night and don't sleep etc... I consider myself a horrible actor, seriously, I have almost no emotional depth, and very narrow range: I can only really play versions of myself. That being said, because there is no "real" me, I suppose that range could expand. If I were offered a role now, yes I would probably take it because acting is fun and relaxing and a change of pace.

Ivory Tower, the feature film will be showing at the Screen on the Green this September. Chilly Gonzales' new album, Ivory Tower is out now.