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Midnight Juggernauts' Crystal Axis

The electronic Aussies return with their stunning new video and album...

Back with a new kind of 'kaleidoscopic pop', Midnight Juggernauts are set to release their new album 'The Crystal Axis' with a string of singles like ’This New Technology’, and 'Vital Signs'. Influenced by psychedelic 70s grooves to soundtracks of electronic weirdness, the band's sophomore release will be available as a limited edition 7-track bonus disc from May 28th on Siberia Records via Inertia. Dazed speak to the Juggernauts before the honeymoon period of their European tour runs out and exclusively feature three of their own remixes... 

Dazed Digital: The video is pretty crazy, what was that all about?
Midnight Juggernauts: It has a weird story, we were shooting a video in the US but it fell apart three weeks before, so we rushed to get a new idea... It's based around the album artwork so it's all a physical construct not like Photoshop, so it's the album artwork that comes to life. It's based on this visual technique called split-scan to create a really warped music video, like based in the real world but with a twist to it, with us playing in a sculpture that comes to life.

DD: You guys have been making music for a while, how do you feel the sound in 'The Crystal Axis' differs from your last album?
Midnight Juggernauts: I suppose it has changed, it's quite different sounding to the last one. We were away for a long time touring, spent a lot more time playing and writing things was very seperate. We were jamming a lot more together, so it's a lot more of a live, raw sounding record. When we came back from 2008, we didn't get much of a break and had to carry on touring, so it's probably not as dancey, less of the straightforward 4/4 rhythm, more experimental and it's all live, everything.

DD: Was everything live in the first album?
Midnight Juggernauts: Yep but it was more sequenced - using computers, instead of live to electronic.

DD: Do you feel you fit into that whole 'French electro' sound or is what you're doing completely separate? Because obviously your first album was on the French label Institubes and there was a surge of French artsts during that time...
Midnight Juggernauts:
Institubes released your first stuff yeah so I guess that came about when through the internet and it did help kick start us and give us a following in France - I suppose the new record stems from this beach house.

DD: So what are you listening to now?
Midnight Juggernauts: We all have different tastes but like I guess I was listening to this 70s band, Brain Ticket a lot. We listen to all really different genres, like this world music stuff like Cambodian, a lot more percussive sounds, and a lot of 70s pop.

DD: There's a big scene for that electronic sound in Australia like The Presets, Cut Copy, etc- are you all pals or is there some sort of rivalry there?
Midnight Juggernauts: We're all good friends, played a lot of shows together, touring and remixing each other- a lot of Aussie acts don't end up touring outside the country, but they're more interested in playing other countries- like Belgium or Denver or weird places. We all started from the same place, but have all gone in different directions. Maybe it's not intentional but it's just how it happened?

DD: How do you guys remix? Get together on a computer or...
Midnight Juggernauts: Usually seperately, but we've stopped doing remixes during recording and focusing on our own material. We get so many offers and we love doing it - just getting a song and turning it inside out, but the most recent one we did was for Tame Impala.

DD: What's next?
Midnight Juggernauts: Basically we're preparing for Europe - playing lots of shows, looking forward to touring again. We were so based in the studio before and now we're testing out new songs so venturing them through the world always appealed to me. But of course this is still the honeymoon period! By the end of it you wake up and you're like where am I? I'm really excited about playing live, seeing how the songs evolve. It's a lot more prog-based and there's more tangents when you play them live, they're all different. We have a lot more equipment now so it's gonna be fun this year. The songs take a life of their own.

DD: You tend to have quite a spacey sound that's reflected in the artwork, was this intentional?
Midnight Juggernauts: It's a metaphor that's always appealed to me, young nerd watching sci-fi as a kid. A theme easy to fit in with music- parallels there. All those films have great soundtracks- Italian horror films. On the tour bus we found this film called Cannibal Holocaust - Ripping up dead bodies and stuff. Animal sacrifices...

And so we left it on that note.