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The Sonnets (Stockholm, Sweden)

Synth pop from a gang of self assured Swedes who play music

Swedes love their music. And their fashion. They're pretty good at making both and it gets even better when they're combined. The latest video offering from The Sonnets is clothed by Swedish web shop Tres Bien and sees the band running down a beach looking scandolicious. But The Sonnets is more than just deck shoes, cardigans and Ray Ban sunglasses. 'Sebastian Said', here with a Montauk remix, is digital pop at its best, following in the steps of Studio and The Tough Alliance. Let the five-piece drown you with with their melodic sound as the bass comes at you like crashing waves and the synth tickles your barefoot feet.

WHAT'S… special about you, then?
Our extreme youth and physical beauty. And some of us are good tennis players, too. What more could you possibly ask for?

 ...your worst vice?
Clothes, food, drinks, coffee, cigarettes… but since they’re all sort of nice vices, we have no intention of changing them.

 …the story behind your name?
We were aiming for a name that had a ring of romance and poetry to it. We are really inspired by the old poets and the lives they were living. Say, Marlowe, who died in a pub fight when he was 29 years old. How could you not be fascinated by such a fellow?

...the world coming to?
Pardon my French, but fuck knows.

...your worst fashion secret?
We had long hair when we were kids, belonging to the kind of unfortunate subculture that’s all about loud guitars and dirty clothes. But you can’t really blame us, we were too young to know better.

...your favourite website? Though we prefer to read the actual paper.

... good for breakfast?
A couple of cappuccinos from Solde, our favourite coffee bar in Malmoe. Two of our friends run it and one of them is a coffee making world champion. All our band meetings take place there. We even played a gig there once. the top of your shit list?
Eurovision song contest.

...are you listening to now?
Recent bands we like are The Drums, JJ and Montauk, the Stockholm duo that made the amazing remix of our song 'Sebastian Said'. And always - The Style Council EP 'á Paris' - the most perfect and good-looking piece of pop music ever made.

How would you describe your work?
Something bright and pure and kind of blue.

The Sonnets - Sebastian Said (Montauk Remix) from The Sonnets Vimeo Channel on Vimeo.