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Seams (London, UK)

Dazed learn a few things about the experimental producer as he tours with Gold Panda and Dam Mantle

Playing with the likes of Gold Panda and Dam Mantle, the young Seams from London town has earnt his stripes with his breed of the electronic and the melodic, with a Memory Tapes-esque ethereal quality. Remixing ambient electronica from Bibio and self-releasing his debut album 'A Juvenile Rush', James Welch is now set to release his new single on Tough Love available here.

WHAT'S special about you, then?
I've managed to fool people into thinking I'm a musician. I actually spend most of my time pouring drinks in a seafood restaurant.  

    ...your worst vice?
TV show bingeing. I once watched all of Arrested Development in two days. Once it's over you feel so empty. Oh and sleeping too much, always sleeping.

    …the story behind your name?
When I listen to music I like to deconstruct it and see what it's made up of. I want my music to wear it's contents on it's sleeve, clearly showing where one element is joined to the next.  

    ...the world coming to?
Completely personalised experiences, tailor-made to your own tastes. Nothing surprising or challenging, just whatever you subscribe to. Groupthink.

    ...your worst fashion secret?
I've been wearing the same Black Keys' Pretty Much t-shirt twice a week since I bought it when I was 15.  

    ...your favourite website? - comics. That shit cracks me up.

    ...good for breakfast?
Two croissants, two bananas, OJ. Sorted. the top of your shit list?
Aggressive in your face wobble bass stuff. It just feels a bit overly abrasive to me. I dunno, I wanna dance when I go out. Bring the groove back.    

...are you listening to now?
Nosaj thing. In the van on the way to Newcastle for the Gold Panda tour. The new FlyLo album has been blowing my mind too.   

How would you describe your work?
The sound of trial, error, and fortunate mistakes, trying to find their own identity.  Something to close your eyes and get lost in.