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Meet Mwëslee

The Spanish beat-making wonder goes heavyweight with his new EP

Hailing from Vigo, Spain, Mwëslee has been previously noted as the missing link between established provocateurs such as Dimlite and Prefuse 73, and the burgeoning second generation of Hudson Mohawke, Débruit and Rustie.  Whilst beat-heads have been breaking their necks across Europe to his schizophrenic offerings for years – with a little help from the Beat Dimensions series on Rush Hour Recordings - it was the insanity of his lead track 'Chandal 500' on the All City Records 7x7 Series in 2008 that thrust him into full view of countless off-kilter hip hop aficionados. Never taking the simple route, he pushes the swagger of dirty Southern U.S. hip hop into the funkiest of synth-laced rhythms, laughing at the rulebook as he goes. The humble MPC undergoes a further, furious beating on his brand new 'Eurocarne' EP, which is ready to set phasers to stun once released this month on Kindred Spirits.

Dazed Digital: Describe your sound.
Mwëslee: Recently somebody said my music was "strong, like with your dick out, but with love arpeggios and chords on top”, which I love.

DD: How do you feel your sound has evolved through the years?
Mwëslee: I guess it's still the same ethos today as it was in the beginning, but recently I've added a much broader range of music to the mix. There's a little bit of everything on 'Eurocarne' - from boogie to a more minimalist, 'Vangelis' feel or whatever - but somehow it all still sounds very 'me'. I really love trying out new things and having fun in the process. I've been using less samples and recording lots of analogue keyboard lines and playing around with new instruments - I even use bagpipes on the new EP! Sometimes I just record voices and random noises that I really think add some personality to the music. It all keeps me away from the computer too, which is always nice.

DD: Tell us about the Arkestra Collective and your motivations to create it.
Mwëslee: Arkestra happened very naturally. We were a bunch of old friends who were all interested in the same things, but longed for a spot to showcase all the things we loved about our city. So, we decided to start throwing parties - just to have fun and play our favourite music. Then we invited some artists that we love such as J*Davey, Dimlite and Flogsta Danshall's Pavan to come along and party with us. We also put up some nice podcasts on our blog so people could do some virtual diggin'. The next logical step for us after that was to release the music we liked, so Arkestra became a label.  Our first release is a beautiful 10" by our very own Bflecha. Arkestra is five years old now, so I guess it was all worth the journey.

DD: What does 2010 have in store for you?
Mwëslee: The 'Eurocarne' EP is out very soon on Nod Navigators/Kindred Spirits.  I'll be doing a few mixes here and there, droppin' some nice music, and I'll also be working on remixes from Spanish beat phenomenon Niño on Galleta Records and a split 7" with BFlecha for Lo Fi Funk before June and keep releasing nice music on the Arkestra imprint.  I'll be back on the road with a new live show across Europe and at Sónar and, after the summer, I will be focusing on completing an album.

DD: What is your favourite place to play?
Mwëslee: Sónar is always good because it's the right place and the right people. I have to say, Glasgow is really dope because they're really open minded and always want to have fun. Also enjoyed Canarias – the crowd there really wants to dance!

DD: What do you think of the electronic music scene in Spain?
Mwëslee: It's really starting to grow now because the press and fans are starting to pay attention to Spanish acts, but the sad part is that it's mostly happening because of the attention from foreign rather than Spanish media. I feel it's like a big family; even though we dabble in different styles and live thousands of kilometres away from each other, we still meet regularly to play and collaborate. Really near where I am in Coruña there's David M and Noaipre, our new label signing and a really original artist that mixes 8-bit stuff with garage, dubstep and hip hop.  We've got Chelis, Hybakusha and Funkfow in Zaragoza killing it right now with the Lo Fi Funk label. Then in Barcelona there's the mix-master K**O and the Desparrame crew, with Hosoi from the amazing band Delorean, also DJ 2D2 or Galleta Records. These guys are the truth. There's also great media platforms such as 'Serie B' magazine in Madrid and 'A Little Beat' in Valencia, spreading the word about all the good stuff. We're a big family for real. Now we just need people to come to our shows and support our music. Españoles wharr ya at?!

DD: Free Lil Wayne?
Mwëslee: Of course! He doesn't have space for any more tattoos, so what's the point of being behind bars?