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Quadron Query

Soulful Danish pop connoisseurs release debut album on Plug Research

At certain moments in time, a particular spot on the world map seems to swell with critical acclaim more obviously than others by delivering a sound of its own, and this can currently be said for a form of off-kilter pop characterised by Scandinavia. From the dramatic creations of Fever Ray to the orchestral serenity of Efterklang, the attention gained by such Nordic acts continues with Quadron. This Copenhagen duo feel as if they have spent their youth dragging back the needle on American 1960s girl-pop vinyl, and it has done vocalist Coco and songwriter Robin Hannibal no disservice.

Their self-titled debut album delivers a rich yet minimalist sound that - with well chosen instrumentation - allows Coco's voice to effortlessly float amongst the melodies with a sweet fragility that has caught the taste-making attentions of Gilles Peterson, James Murphy and Pharrell Williams to name a few. With 'Quadron' set to be released this week on LA based label Plug Research, Robin Hannibal speaks to Dazed Digital about their sneaky manoeuvre into your record collection.

Dazed Digital: Describe your sound for us.
Quadron: I remember reading a Johnny Cash interview where he was asked the same question, and he told the journalist that the answer he would always give was "it sounds like me". I always liked that, because I think 'sound' is such a personal thing... or at least it should be. Coco has a very distinct vocal style, and I would like to think that you can recognize my sound and see that there is a thin red line between all the musical projects I've been involved in. But if we had to answer it, I would say: Electronic Soul. We think it's important to acknowledge that we are in 2010, so we try to incorporate our generations way of producing music, whilst our approach to song writing is probably a little more timeless and not influenced by only one era. We have a lot of the same influences, so it's always easy to relate to the music we make together.

DD: What inspires you?
Quadron: Everything. I like all kinds  of music, just as long as it has something important to say and has some kind of soul. There is soul in lots of different kinds of music, and I've always been a sucker for strong melodies. I'm probably a very aesthetic person when it comes to music; I like beautiful compositions and I'm really into film scores at the moment, so Ennio Morricone is a big inspiration.

DD: Your instrumentation sounds very organic and fluid.  Do you prefer to work digitally or in analogue?
Quadron: Yeah, there aren't any samples - everything is played live - but I might edit and move it around after recording. I focus on the chords and melodies before I start producing it because I want to make sure that I have a strong enough song or composition before I start finding its 'sound'. I feel constrained if there is already a finished production that I have to fit the song into, so I guess it starts with a more analogue approach. Although, there might be a software synthesizer sound from the computer I'm playing with to start off with, and then record it in digitally, and start playing around with it. That's a little out of necessity because I play most of the instruments on the songs I create.

DD: You were both previously involved in the soul collective Boom Clap Bachelors.  Tell us about them.
Quadron: It was a kind of a experiment to try and make soul music in Danish. Now everyone is kind of doing their own thing, but we are working on an EP that will come out sometime this year.  It started out as a listening club - where we would meet every second week, someone would make cake, and we would listen to each others tracks.  It just slowly evolved from there.

DD: Biggest fashion faux-pas?
Quadron: [The Cosby Show family] The Huxtables. They are a big inspiration for us.

DD: What does 2010 have in store for Quadron?
Quadron: World domination! But besides that, going to America, starting to tour there and working on a new record.

DD: Best piece of advice you've ever heard?
Quadron: History will justify everything.
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