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Merok & Feeding Time Mix

Merok Records and Feeding Time DJs join forces to make a mix for Dazed Digital

Dazed Digital get an exclusive mix from Feeding Time and Merok Records in anticipation of the latter's Comanechi album launch party on Friday the 11th. Held at El Paso on Old Street, expect live sets from the band themselves alongside support from Divorce, Bo Ningen, and DJ sets from The Big Pink, A Grave With No Name, Skill Wizard, and the Merok Wrecking Crew.

  1: Divorce - Dissatisfaktionpaqued
  2: T-Rex - Iscarriot
  3: Comanechi - Crop Rotation Remix
  4: Cop Magnet - Mas Funk
  5: Captain Beefheart - Ice Cream for Crow
  6: Oneohtrix Point Never - Angel
  7: Salem - Frost
  8: Sewn Lether - Pig Problems
  9: Shams - Pillow Talk
10: Twins - Leftcentrefield
11: Blondes - Moondance
12: Familly Fodder - Savoir Raire
13: AC/DC - Soul Stripper
14: Pill Wonder - Wishing Whale
15: Becoming Real - Ghost Step
16: Alexander Skip Spence - All come to meet her
17: Washed Out - Hold Out