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Pulled Apart by Horses

The accident prone foursome from Leeds speak to us about touring.

Pulled Apart By Horses are an accident prone band of  glorious chaos from Leeds. Currently hauling their head battering riffs and heavily bruised limbs across Europe. Dazed Digital caught up with James to discuss tours, hospitals and the art of a good song title.

Dazed Digital: How are PABH today?
James: Well today I'm pretty badly bruised around my ribs from a show we played in Amsterdam three days ago.I was feeling a bit bored on stage and leapt into my amplifier like a total knob head. Right mess. Tom has a pretty sh*tty wound on his shin that keeps on reopening from Leeds festival. I'd never seen so much blood ever when he first cut it open. Rob and Lee seem to do okay really although Lee does sweat so much that we now have to use umbrellas when we play live.

DD: Apart from killing yourselves, what do you do in the band?
James: We are a clan of four Leeds based style tramps. I'm James Brown and I play guitar and injure myself. We also have Robert Lee who plays bass and has a drinking problem. Lee Vincent plays drums and argues with himself and others and last and surely least we have Tom Hudson who sings, shouts, sicks and makes vile art.

DD: Speaking of art, the titles of the singles alone make them deserving of 5 star reviews. Which came first the chicken or the egg? The song or the title?
James: Why thank you. I would say its a bit of both really. Like our track 'I punched a lion in the throat' -that’s basically what it says on the tin. Its a story about a macho hero who takes on the animal kingdom and ends up fighting a lion. The egg came first by the way. I read that in the daily sport.
DD: When is the album due and is there a definite Pulled Apart By Horses vision?
James: Well its recorded now. It's about thirty two minutes long and stinks of Saturday night fever. If you like Kate Bush you'll hate our album to pieces. The vision you say? Mobile phone adverts, Nike endorsements, drug addiction. To be honest, as long as people still come watch us live and buy our/steal our music that’s all I really care about.

DD: You have done and are due to do shows with Biffy Clyro and the mighty Dinosaur Jr.Are these alternative juggernauts bands that you were all into growing up?
James: I love Biffy Clyro so I'm pretty stoked with that tour. Dinosaur Jr is the day after tomorrow. I've never seen them live before,  so to be able see them and play with them is a bit of a p*ss yourself on stage situation..

DD: You definitely seem to have the horses by the reins on this tour.
James: We are being fed like kings and have been drinking every night 'till the early hours. I haven’t been sleeping properly though so I'm feeling pretty rough at the moment.  In fact, I cant even believe I’m talking to you.. Its lucky I read this site and like it or I'd of sent a paragraph of moaning about being in a van for seven hours for f*cking days with three d*ckheads you totally despise. Right set of tw*ts
Pulled Apart By Horses will be touring and ballooning to the size of over fed monarch in a European city near you. They play the Lexington on September 30th.