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Cooly G in the Scene

Chatting football, females and funky with Hyperdub’s first lady

Cooly G is a semi-professional football player, a loving resident of Brixton and one of the hottest DJs and producers in the burgeoning UK funky scene. Having recently signed to Kode 9’s prestigious Hyperdub label - on which she has released her critically acclaimed ‘Narst/Love Dub’ EP - her sights have been set for a higher level. With her unique blending of house, funky and dubstep proving irresistible, Dazed Digital caught up with her at her appearance at Glasgow’s Ballers Social Club to discuss styles, scenes and the ladies.

Dazed Digital: How does it feel to be a part of the Hyperdub rooster?
Cooly G: When Kode 9 hollered at me the first time, I felt what he was saying about my music, so I thought - come on then! Let's do this, let's do this now! I didn't know anything about Hyperdub or what I was getting into. Then afterwards I started finding out about the label and hearing feedback from the EP, and I thought, what have I signed to? This is crazy! I think it's the sickest label to be with. 

DD: UK Funky seems to be developing in a similar style to grime was doing a few years ago…
Cooly G: I think funky will definitely go further that grime in terms of popularity and hype – I reckon it already has to be honest. Lots of producers like Roska, Fingerprint and Sammy Sanchez, they all have different styles of this funky thing; all the different styles and moods. I think it is bigger than grime, but I also think grime just got a little too ‘grimey’.

DD: Did it get too ‘hard’?
Cooly G: Not too hard, no, because some of my music is quite hard, but has that feminine touch with the vocal styles. Grime is different to funky. Like, I came over from house, and I mix US house with UK house in my sets, so it's just better that way. There is no US grime, y'know? I thought grime was too hyped.

DD: Do you think that the popularity of funky amongst female clubbers shows that other genres of UK music were too masculine?
Cooly G: There was quite a lot of vocal stuff for the grime for the gal dem I'd say! But people doing stuff now, female-wise, I can only really talk about Ikonika. She's doing her own thing and we're similar in terms of DJ-ing and production. But girls singing at the moment, they seem like they're trying to get involved, but their head isn't focused. I think they just want to do it for hype and it’s not really a love. I mean, I rate everyone out there doing their thing and that they have to keep doing it, because it is serious.

DD: Do you think house is bringing in new fans from other UK music scenes because of funky?
Cooly G: House is being more talked about because everyone goes to funky house raves now, everyone is in there! I’m definitely more into house and broken, but I think the people coming from grime to funky mostly seem like they're just jumping on it because it’s blowing up. I say let them jump on it man, but don't take the piss with it. Some people are violating the new scene. Like MCs rapping on funky tunes. And I don't like 'cartoony' stuff; it seems fake. I prefer it deeper; with more passion, melted together. You feel it when you know someone's gone all out on a track rather than banged out over someone else's riddim quickly - anyone can do that.
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