Hounds of Hate (London, UK)

London scenesters Hounds of Hate bring new-wave house to the masses.

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You can forgive Hounds of Hate for the Kate Bush namedrop, primarily because the eerie sex music breaks away from any take-the-money-and-run sound. Instead replaced with innocent, clean deconstructed new-wave house grooves. Here Hounds of Hate hide behind their moustache to provide us with short guarded responses to our questions…

… your description of your sound?
Deep and easy going elements of house and electro styles with a hint of p-funk, mixed with a subtle, lush vibe and optimistic mood

… so special about you, then?
All keys played by cats

… the story behind your name?
That’s pretty obvious

… your tip for 2009?
Ethnic is in.

… your favorite website?
My Mom Rarely Takes a Bath Blog
… your favourite piece of clothing?
Fruit of the loom XXL tee, heather green w/front pocket

… your worst fashion secret?
I don’t understand this question. Oh, like I secretly shop at H&M?  I don’t, so...

… your dream musical collaboration?
Doing a dreamy split with Hype williams, out very soon on 7”.  

… the name of your hero?
Ray Kurzweil

… so special about your hero?
He’s nice, I like him.  

… better analog or digital?

… your vision of the future?
Technologies like donkdj.com will render human-generated donk remixes obsolete.
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