Watch Mykki Blanco dress down a rude store clerk on tour

A new tour documentary sees the artist unpack his musical persona, and someone telling him to stop ‘playing in the dresses’ – it doesn’t go down well

Mykki Blanco has released a tour diary documenting his time in Berlin promoting his debut album Mykki last November. In it, the rapper and performance artist explains the origin of his artist persona while a camera crew follows him around the city in the build-up to his performance at Club Gretchen.

In one notable section of the video, Blanco goes shopping for a dress to wear for the performance. While trying on clothes, the store clerk tries to stop him from “playing in the dresses,” as Out report.

“I bought one here last year, you don’t know what you’re talking about!” Blanco responds, “Stop talking to me.”

“I’m working here,” the clerk responds. “And I'm shopping here,” says Blanco.

Blanco reflects on the terse exchange in the car later, saying, “She thought she could talk to me that way because I am a gay man in drag.”

Watch the tour diary above, with the exchange starting at 45 seconds.