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young c.e.o
Young C.E.O and his preppy boy squad

This is the greatest worst rap video of all time

Out of nowhere a rapper called Young C.E.O – who allegedly has a $200 million trust fund – has dropped a single

Right, first things first. Is everyone going to pretend that this is "real"? *Prays to God it isn’t "real" due to the content of this article*

There are two ways that this can go. We can become enraged by the idea that a white rich kid wearing a yellow bowtie who’s reportedly sitting on a coupla hundred million dollar trust fund has, without any hint of irony, attempted to launch a rap career, aping common tropes of hip hop for fame and even more fortune. The video dropped yesterday and has provoked a slew of commentary like "worst bro ever", "I can’t unsee this" and "biggest douche of all time".

But then, there are about a million hints of irony in the video for "Secret Illuminati Rap Video Leaked", like the title of the song, for example. Googling "Young C.E.O" brings no results (how very "secret illuminati") and the video opens with a bold allegiance to Swiss Bank Music, which again, brings no results. Swiss Bank Music Group however does exist, in an extremely lowkey sense, i.e 256 likes on Facebook lowkey with no posts since mid-December.

The video is directed by Picture Perfect, who, if we have the right one, has previous for filming people hanging around flashing cash – see this visual compilation from 2013. We’ve reached out to Picture Perfect for more information regarding the concept and production of the video, but we’re yet to hear back.

Now to the song itself, a rehash of an absolute banger – CoCo by O.T Genasis – but with a different video. Instead of mean looking dudes hanging around just chopping out mountains of cocaine and waving guns, preppy boys mill about near Bentleys and attractive women, while Young C.E.O flashes cash awkwardly, rapping about Bentleys, embracing bass drops with all the cool of Carlton from The Fresh Prince, boasting about having manners and saying things like "we got trust funds, you should test us". His squad wear Yale jumpers.

So tl;dr: there is another way we can go about this – by watching the video and understanding that it’s a joke. Of course, if Young C.E.O does turn out to be deadly serious then I guess I’ll fall on my sword because there will be extra levels to consider, but I will never ever retract the statement that this track, "Secret Illuminati Rap Video Leaked", is total fire.