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Stream the jubilant pop of Lemonade's new album

We're struggling to pick a favourite track from the Cascine-signed trio's latest offering Minus Tide

Brooklyn label, Cascine, continue their wonderful output this year with Brooklyn boys' Lemonade's third release, Minus Tide. It was quite the perfect pop marriage moment when Ben Steidel, Callan Clendenin, and Alex Pasternak joined Cascine. The pointillism of "Softkiss" from their 2012 album, Diver acts as an apt jumping off point for the bounding, forever buoyant sonic vision of Minus Tide. Clendenin's vocals and the musical backdrop's stridency work in tandem. The always appealing thing about Lemonade has been the complete sense of every one of their songs being like a helicopter dropping you in a jungle and saying "run!", careening through all things verdant and balmy. On par with their Spanish brethren, Delorean, Lemonade's state of being agog suits them well. It's hard to pick standout tracks when Minus Tide is so astoundingly consistent from the knocking, snapping "Come Down Softly" to the stuttering, sparking "OST" to the driving "Clearest" and the springy "Orchid Bloom." With Minus Tide, Lemonade have mastered all things jubilant. Also, as a side note, they have to get these guys to do a remix/mash-up of Danity Kane's Lemonade with SOPHIE's.

Minus Tide is out September 9, pre-order here from Cascine.

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