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Jay, Frank and Kanye are in some trouble – but should they be?via

What do Jay Z, Kanye and Frank Ocean have in common?

They're all being sued by the New York musician Joel McDonald, who claims that the trio ripped him off for their song ‘Made in America’

Last year, Kanye was hit with a lawsuit for sampling Ricky Spicer's voice without permission for his divisive single "Bound 2". Now, the sampling shit has hit the fan again, although this time it's a little less clear cut. In 2011, Kanye teamed up with fellow hip-hop heavyweight Jay Z for the critically acclaimed record Watch The Throne.

One of the tracks on the record is called "Made In America" and features the dulcet tones of Frank Ocean, but it's that track that has landed the trio with a $3million lawsuit from the jobbing New York musician Joel McDonald. McDonald is claiming that Kanye, Jay Z and Frank Ocean nabbed his creative ideas, turned it into their own track and made loads of cash – now he wants a piece of the pie.

What probably won't work in his favour is that the songs aren't really similar at all, barring the title, but seeing as "Made In America" is a phrase uttered by millions of people every day, it'll be hard for McDonald to pin that down as "his". McDonald's song cruises along in flat fashion, labelling various different things that have been made in America such as Bobby Kennedy, Desert Storm, soccer moms and "all sorts of things". However, in McDonald's defence, both songs do mention Malcolm X and Martin Luther King.

Check out both songs below and see what you think.

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