Watch punchy London pop experimentalist GEoRGiA's new video

Your new favourite speak-rapper gets drunk and pulls faces in the VHS-filmed Hard Lie This

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Sassy London musician GEoRGiA’s wonked-out pop hooked us from the first spin of her gunfire debut single "Be Ache", and now she shares the video for its speak-rapping follow-up "Hard Lie This". The VHS-shot visual is a collaboration between the singer and director Cieron Magat, where we encounter her sipping cans, pulling faces and leaping upside down. You can practically smell the weed-and-whisky tinged air. GEoRGiA's a key member of a fresh scene of UK pop experimentalists, as a drummer for JUCE, Kwes, and Kate Tempest – and from the look of this video we don't blame them for wanting her as their BFF.

GEoRGiA’s Come In EP is out now on Kaya Kaya

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