Watch Ultrademon's glitchy and hyperreal new video

Chicago's Seapunk founder shares a warped visual for his twisted pop track Drive U Crazy

Ultrademon is the alias of Albert Redwine, the green-haired Chicago producer who founded the seapunk movement with partner-in-maritime Zombelle. The pair collaborate on “Drive U Crazy”, a phantasmic house banger taken from Ultrademon's second LP Voidic Charms, which follows his debut for Aphex Twin’s Rephlex label. Featuring backup vocals from The GTW, the darkly melodic "Drive U Crazy" (feat Zombelle) shares territory with the PC Music clan, infecting polygenre dance beats and garish computer graphics with a sense of post-identity uncanny. That creepiness manifests in the oversaturated video (made by CVVVLT in collaboration with Coral Records Internazionale), which propels you into the throes of a nautical dystopia, like a summer cruise designed by Hieronymus Bosch.