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For just £51, all this could be yours

Etsy is selling a ‘punk starter kit’ for £51

Don't know your Minor Threat from your Millencollin? Let this punk package sort everything out

It's been said for decades that punk is dead, but it appears that a very large nail has been hammered into its coffin. Not only did Tommy Ramone die last week, but Etsy is selling a cringe-inducing starter kit for wannabe punks. What happened to finding a denim jacket in a skip, buying a Clash t-shirt and shaving your head with a Bic?

The Etsy listing reads: "Did you recently see some punks at the mall, thought they looked sick and want to join the freak show? Well now you can with the kit that has everything you need for the other punks to stop calling you a poser."

Priced at £51, the starter kit comes with a bootstrap studded with 77 cone studs and many more anarchic goodies such as:

– Bondage belt
– Studded bracelet with bondage ring
– Studded wristband
– Totalitar and Varukers patches (at least these bands have genuine punk credentials)
– Mystery goody (a clip-on Mohican?)

Horrifically, the kit also comes with a "list of cool bands to listen to and of attitude and fashion faux pas for your new look (sic)" and advises that people who are already punk can top up their established aesthetic with this goody bag.

Learn about punk in this video from Vivienne Westwood, who was actually there when it happened: