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A screencap of the Burzum t-shirt on the Sports Direct site

Why has Sports Direct been selling Burzum t-shirts?

Oops: the retailer has been found flogging band tees from a convicted murderer and neo-Nazi on its website

Any goths buy their gear from Sports Direct? The retailer, better known for its great deals on tennis balls and Reebok Classics, has also been peddling the official merch of black metal bands on its online store. Until today, their sales offering also included a t-shirt from particularly controversial outfit: Burzum, the Norwegian black metal band fronted by Varg Vikernes, a convicted murderer and self-confessed neo-Nazi. 

Vikernes served 15 years in prison for the murder of Øystein Aarseth, a Swedish guitarist and former bandmate known as Euronymous, and was released in 2009. He was also found guilty of burning down churches in 1993 and was convicted of inciting racial hatred against Muslims and Jews last year. In fact, the building depicted on the Sports Direct t-shirt is a ruined church that Vikernes was accused of setting on fire. 

Charmingly, Vikernes has also written to Norwegian shooter Anders Behring Breivik – although his letter mainly took Breivik to task for killing more Norwegians than Muslims. 

Sports Direct gave no comment when Dazed called this morning to ask whether Vikernes would receive any renumeration from any sales of the t-shirt, which was listed as official merchandise. A few hours later, the £12.99 t-shirt was no longer available on the company's site. The retailer has yet to release an official statement.