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Dream Koala

Stream Dream Koala's interplanetary new EP

The Parisian ambient pop producer trips out with his ambitious new release 'Earth. Home. Destroyed.'

On his regualrly topped-up Facebook page, Parisian artist Dream Koala describes himself as “Vegan post j-pop”. His music is as otherworldly as Hatsune Miku, but hardly sounds like the CGI phenomenon – the 19-year-old's self-produced tracks take you on a spectral, definitively non-GMO trip. On his debut EP Earth. Home. Destroyed., melodic vocals glide thorugh constellations of rhythmic tippedy-taps, with swashes of ambience like the milkey trail of a comet. “Earth” hails down with rocky hip hop beats, while EP closer, “A Cosmic Landscape”, demands to be used at the Planetarium in Disney’s Epcot. Stream the EP exclusively on Dazed below.

Earth. Home. Destroyed. by DREAM KOALA


3D: Fabulous
Photography : Enora Jung
Styling : Roberto Piqueras