Open up for the new scene in Arca and Jesse Kanda's ‘Trauma’

Scene 2 from their film collab ditches the scary dancing babies for an disturbingly in-depth look at the human mouth

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Remember the nightmarish dancing babies from Jesse Kanda and Arca's Trauma Scene 1, which premiered last year at MoMA PS1? This time, the babies have been ditched for a very disturbing close-up of someone's mouth, veiny esophagus and all, set to the pulsating beats of &&& track "Harness". 

The London-based producer and director have now dropped Scene 2, the second video in their ongoing Trauma film series. Envisioned as a visualisation of Arca's critically acclaimed mixtape &&&, the first video premiered last year at MoMA PS1.

According to Arca, "the project follows a nonlinear narrative about the death of a salaryman, a drunk driving infant and takes place within a subconscious world". Open wide! 

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