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Stream Ben Khan's debut official release

Exclusive: The neo-soul Brit tidies up his early demos on the eclectic 1992 EP

London-based neo-soul hero Ben Khan made a name for himself last year with the raw Soundcloud demos "Savage" and "Eden", and he unveils the fully-mixed and mastered 1992 EP (Blessed Vice) on Dazed today. His diverse sonic world sees bluesy guitar licks team with swampy percussion, subdued vocal melodies and hypnotic throbbing basslines (and the occasional elephant trumpet), in the same vein as contemporaries Child of Lov, Jai Paul and Jungle. Meanwhile, opening track "Youth" sees Khan stepping out of the shadows with a brighter leap forwards, featuring euphoric synths and sun-drenched vocals, elevating the 21 year-old's refreshing cocktail of neo-soul to the next level of accomplished ability.

Pre-order here.