Nire – Plur Allure

Exclusive: Warped club flips of FKA Twigs, Beyoncé and A$AP Ferg on the rising NYC producer's new tape

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Amidst a slew of remixers who jump on new tracks as they hit, super-charged NYC producer Nire feels the pluse more than most. "Dancing is a big part of my process," she says. "In the making of a track, I'll let it run and see what comes out through my movements." Her new remix mixtape Plur Allure, premiered today on Dazed, flips its tracks into sensory overload – there's a fractured flip of Selena's "Dreaming of You," a crunchy vocal-led take on FKA Twigs' "Papi Pacify", while the brooding bass on Björk's "Unravel" makes the track creepier in sound yet sweeter in message. If she can do this with a remix, who knows what kind of twists she's got in store for her debut album One Never Know Do One, which is released later this Spring.

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