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Glasser – Folksexual Mix

Exclusive: Cameron Mesirow skews genders and weaves Bikini Kill with J-Pop in a bold, unpredictable new mix

Folksexual is an intricately imaginative mix of edits by New York-based singer-songwriter Cameron Mesirow of Glasser, whose bold 2013 album Interiors voiced a distinctly feminine sexuality and experience inside a chrome-finished, metamorphic pop landscape. The mix injects angular 'masculine' productions with sensual 'feminine' folk vocals, woven into other songs that deal with either gender or sexual identity.

Unpredictable in tempo and tone, the music lurches out of the silence like a night terror, tossing and turning with the rapid flutter of REM and a psychedelic fluidity. Fittingly, the cover art also comes from a dream Mesirow had, about “someone having a sexual dysfunction in which shaving cream-like substance was sneezed out of their ear”. As Hélène Cixous wrote in 1976, “woman must put herself into the text – as into the world and into history - by her own movement”; Folksexual makes this movement by representing the unspoken subconscious, dredging up a second perspective on musical history and revelling in the contrasts it creates.

Cameron Mesirow: “Female perspectives are not always considered essential for defining movements of art, and are often left entirely out of the equation, while masculine environments often serve as the backdrop for us in life as well as in music. Even when it comes to subcultures, men are more often lauded for being forward-thinking than their female counterparts. Folksexual is an experiment of mine to make certain female perspectives central to environments that they are typically at odds with.”


Anne Briggs – "The Stonecutter Boy" / Autechre – "Piezo" (Glasser Edit)

Bobby McFerrin – "Medicine Man" / Markus Suckut – "Symbiosis" (Glasser Edit)

Perfume – "Glitter" / "Suck My Left One" – Bikini Kill (Glasser Edit)

Anne Briggs – "Young Tambling" / "RE-Mind" – Psychic TV (Glasser Edit)

June Tabor  – "Yellow Calx /  Aphex Twin – "One Night As I Lay On My Bed" (Glasser Edit)

Kate Bush – "Feel It" 

Ellen Allien – "Cut 6"

June Tabor – "Kowloon" / Logos – "The Month Of January" (Glasser Edit)

The Roches – "The Scorpion Lament"

Roxymore – "Gatsy"

Vashti Bunyan – "If In Winter"

Xray Spex – "Oh Bondage Up Yours" / Free Kitten – "Oh Bondage Up Yours" / Joni Mitchell – "Woodstock" / Marcel Dettman – "Lightworks" (Glasser Edit)

Anne Briggs – "Young Tambling"

Art of Noise – "Comes And Goes"