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Jeppe from Denmark

Flamboyant industrial synth pop.

You might know Jeppe as "Senior" from the Danish hiNRG pop group Junior Senior, or perhaps from the gossip pages of Denmark's flagship newspapers. When he's not touring the globe and writing number one hits with his band, he's hanging out in Berlin with his cute boyfriend Javier Peres or jetting to L.A. to DJ gigs with Robyn and his pal Jeremy Scott. What you might not know about Jeppe is that he's taking a break from the Technicolor world of Junior Senior to make a record all his own, and the results (so far) are dripping with industrial synth-pop and bone-rattling drama. 

Different from his gleeful style with Jr/Sr in that it's "more Depeche Mode than Gram Parsons," Jeppe's solo sound debuts with the release of a preliminary cover of Fine Young Cannibals' "Johnny Come Home" from their 1985 self-titled debut. With anguished vocals reminiscent of both Dave Gahan and Tears For Fears' Curt Smith, Jeppe croons in angst, "What is wrong in my life / that I must get drunk every night" lending the song more urgency and club appeal through a reinterpreted arrangement which replaces the brass elements of the original with synthesizers and a pulse-pounding drum beat.

"I tried more or less everything with Jr/Sr I ever dreamed of," Jeppe told me in the back of a gay dive bar, "we played the main stage at Reading, Glastonbury, TOTP, Jools Holland and so on. So, I'm easily pleased to play in the back of a club really loud and intense!" The newly anointed solo artist is planning an album release this autumn, and is gearing up to get on the road with a four-piece band. "It'll be drums, guitar, keys, and me doing me. I'm planning to start out of London this summer. Band auditions are fun… Anyone?"