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Anushka Never Can Decide

Anushka – Never Can Decide

Exclusive: The kaleidoscopic video for the Brownswood duo's soft-focus dance-pop track

A kaleidoscopic pop song gets a kaleidoscopic visual as Brownswood duo Anushka star in their own video for the first time with "Never Can Decide". Bubbling up from a muted, glitchy beginning, the soft-focus dance-pop track gradually lets off chopped and layered vocals, hyperactive melodies and bright washes of synth-like fireworks, all crashing together to create the sweetest rush of a chorus. “We twist and turn / I never learn” singer Victoria Port laments just as her surroundings also twist and turn; in a series of dream-like cuts she appears in a choir with herself, popping out of giant shapes and shimmying in front of geometric backdrops with arrows pointing in every direction. Musings on love and life get caught up in a befuddling maze of textures, built from Max Wheeler’s whirlpool production, Port’s vocal flourishes and the film’s pastel blur; but if anything is certain, the result is a hypnotic pop vision.

Directed by Sarah Keeling